How to Approach a Web Based Interview

More and more companies are using web-based interviewing, such as Skype or Facetime, as an alternative way to ‘meet’ candidates. Here are our tips to help you make yours successful.

The technology is pretty reliable so it’s a great, and free, way to hold a meeting over the internet. It means that distance and work commitments no longer need to be a factor that could hold up an interview process – and for candidates owning a smart phone it’s feasible for an interview to be held during a lunch break, as long as signal allows, lessening the need to suspiciously take time out of the working day.

The first ‘virtual’ meeting you have can be a bit daunting, even more so when you’re trying to make a good impression and secure the job of your dreams.

Here are some top tips on how to approach a web-based interview.

Your profile

Choose an inoffensive user name, ideally one that uses your real name. Skype/Facetime etc have lots of users so make sure when you disclose your user name to the interviewer it’s correct.

  • Make sure anything you write, ie a bio or a mood update, is professional
  • Make sure your profile picture is appropriate.
  • Make sure you’re familiar with the technology.

If you haven’t used this technology before, you’re using a new version of it, or you’re using it on a new device make sure you have a test video call with a friend first. Make sure you understand the features, especially how to turn the camera on and to modify the sound. Your interview won’t get off to a particularly good start if your interviewer can’t see or hear you, or vice versa, and the first few minutes are spent with you both trying to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it so that the interview can go ahead.

Make sure you have the strongest Wi-Fi or 3G signal possible.

Close down other applications on your device so that you can’t be distracted.

What to wear?

You are being interviewed. Wear what you would normally wear to an interview. Do not be tempted to only dress for an interview from the waist up. If you have to get up to get something and the interviewer see’s you’re wearing pj’s that could leave a first impression you would rather avoid!

Your setting

You need to be somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed. This is for your benefit as much as the interviewer. Avoid being in a public place. If you are at home make sure anyone else in the house is aware that you need quiet. Turn off your mobile phone, disconnect your home phone.

Shut any pets in another room until the interview is over.

Ideally have with a plain wall behind you. Be aware of any inappropriate posters, pictures of objects that might be in sight.


As with any interview preparation is key. The same rules apply. Make sure you have done your research. There are some useful tips on our Interview Preparation page.

Other things to remember

Remember to look into the camera rather than at the screen/yourself. For those of you that haven’t used Skype before there’s a window on the screen that will show you, as the other person will see you, which can be distracting. Consider that sometimes there is a time lag on the sound; take this into consideration so that you are not talking over the interviewer.

Try to be as natural as possible.

Whilst a web based meeting is an acceptable way of interviewing most companies would also expect to meet you face to face at a later stage in the recruitment process.

We use web based interviewing within our business frequently and we would be more than happy to talk to you about how to use it and to answer any other questions you might have. Call us on 01244 434 387 or email us at if you would like to speak to us about this, or anything else related to your search for work.